Crochet Camp – Part 3

Apologies, I have been neglecting my blog of late. A house move, starting a new job and an impending two week holiday have kind of gotten in the way of blogging. Very inconvenient let me tell you! Crafting has also, sadly, taken a bit of a back seat.

All I have been able to do, in between cleaning, unpacking, packing, trying to stay awake as my body adjusts to some crazy early starts with my new job, is to keep my commitment to Crochet Camp, over on Slugs On The Refrigerator blog.

This weekend, it was time for Part 3 of Crochet Camp. And time to excise some demons and try a magic loop. Kat has posted a great little pattern of a crochet flower, which I absoltely loved. It’s a fab stash buster and has now got me hooking flowers of all shapes, colour and sizes! I’m thinking brooches, hair slides, handbag decoration… what else could you do with some cute crochet flowers?


There’s still time to get involved and give it a go – find all the patterns and chat on the Crochet Camp Facebook page!/groups/677155465633893/?hc_location=stream or pop over to Kat Goldin’s blog

Oh, I have also started a knitted cargi/jacket for myself and knitted my first ever hexipiuff – I’ve given in to the Beekeepers Quilt!


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