Little Things

I love a big craft project. The slow and steady click clack of the needles, a project which is picked up and put down at will, filling many a happy evening in front of the TV. I’ve just cast on a pattern by Erika Knight called Edge to Edge Cardigan, which I’m knitting in black..( I love the hand drawn illustration on the pattern)


I’ve also got a huge cross stitch project on the go – remember that amazing Tunnocks Teacake project from Cross Stitcher Magazine in the Spring? A million different shades of red combined with evenweave means it’s currently nestled at the bottom of my craft basket.

I will finish these projects at some point but I know they will take an AGE so I’m constantly on the hunt for a quick craft fix. It could be any medium but on days like this I’m looking for something which is easy to pick up and start, finishes quickly and looks nice enough for a gift.

Crochet has been my go to quick craft but lately I’ve been making up those little free kits you get with the likes of Crafty,  Mollie Makes and Cross Stitch Magazine. I’ve stashed loads of them over the past year from all of the magazines I buy (that’s a whole other blog post). I like the fact that they are a project in a pack – all ready and waiting to take on a train, a car journey or to accompany a night in front of the TV.

I’m just about to finish a Mollie Makes cross stitch project by designer Eline Pellinkhof, which has been really fun to do and only taken a couple of hours to complete. My need to craft has been satisfied, combined with a great sense of achievement at having finished something AND adding it to my pile of ad hoc gifts for friends and family. It’s a win win situation!


Top of my list to complete from my collection of kits are;

1. Funky Felt Owl Keyring from issue 270 of Cross Stitcher Magazine

2. Jane Foster Sausage Dog from Mollie Makes

3. Mirror pouch stitch kit (not sure where that one is from. Eeek! Publishers please print the magazine and issue number on the kits!)

4.Felt Bird Keyring from issue 26 of Mollie Makes

There are also a couple of Christmas ones I’m going to try to get done this year. Here’s my stash of freebie craft kits… think I maybe buy a few to many magazines…

Magazine kits

What do you do with your freebie kits?


3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Lovely makes – especially that vintage xxx rose 🙂 I’ve stitched this one too recently.
    I do collect those little freebies from MM and cross stitch magazines. Majority of them ends up in a box stashed away waiting for their moment, only those I love a lot are done straight away 😉

  2. Oh, I cross stitched those sweet little red/green houses, I think, two years ago. I ended up making more than I had the fabric for then I gave them away as goodies to my family. I loved making them and I’ve got in my plans to make some more for myself 😉

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