The Weekly Glint – Collars and Necklaces

This week I’ve been getting excited about necklaces and collars of the knitted variety. It seems like ‘prim and proper’/school mistress is a trend for Autumn/Winter and a collar is a great way to pick up on the trend. A crochet collar seems to be the standard ‘go-to-pattern’ for most crochet designers –  there are loads of great free patterns on Ravelry here

Something I hadn’t considered was a knitted necklace. A cousin of the crochet necklace, the knitted necklace is generally more structured and solid. I saw a beautiful knitted necklace (main picture below) by Lynne Barr in Issue 62 of The Knitter. This has made it on to my ‘to do’ list for autumn.

I love the neutral colour palette  – I’m going to be making my necklace/collar in a neutral cream. Perfect for jazzing up black or navy t-shirt.

crochet collars

Picture credit: Lynne Barr – The Knitter, Etsy – Vintage Emporium, Stone Fox Bride, Pinterest, Esty – various.


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