Tweet Meets

I’ve been trying to get myself out and about this month – joining Twitter chats, taking part in group craft projects and generally trying to get more engaged with the on-line crafting community. This was one of the key reasons for me to start blogging. Apart from my Mum, who I don’t live very near to, I can sometimes feel like a little crafty island. All alone in my love of yarn, fabric, stitching and sewing.

Social media is a great place to meet like minded people, particularly in the craft blogging community. One of the best places, I find, is Twitter and something I’m new to (and loving!) are Tweet Chats. These are organised chats on Twitter, usually around a topic set by the Tweet Chat organiser ahead of time, where everyone and anyone who is interested can hop in to the conversation and chat away to their hearts content.


There are loads of these happening everyday, simply search using a hashtag (#) and very quickly you’ll find lots of people talking about your favourite topic. These are the ones I know about – I think I’ve got the times correct!


Tuesdays at 8pm. Lots of different crafters, makers and designers here with dozens of different topics and chats.


Wednesday at 8pm. Promoting the Blogtacular get together happening next year (still need to book my place!) this TweetMeet discusses a different subject each week, most recently photography with bloggers exchanging their top tips for home photography


Tuesday at 7pm. A relatively new TweetMeet run by blogger Emma, over at Emma is also running a monthly craft challenge with blog follow ups. This month everyone is covering a notebook. (and yes, I still need to do this too!)

There are lots of other ways to connect using hashtags on Twitter too. #cbuk is a useful one, it was started by Hilary Pullen over at and is great to add onto the end of a tweet if you’re looking for help or advice from the crafty community.

Likewise, #sewingsocial is run by uber blogger Tilly Wanless from . They have ad hoc tweet meets but more often the hashtag is used to chat to other people in the sewing social circle.

All of the hashtags are also great ways of discovering new bloggers to follow and read.

So do you Tweet Meet? Can you add any more to my list?


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