Discovering the world of Poppy Treffry

On our little weekend to Cornwall, I stumbled upon Poppy Treffry’s shop (new? I’m not sure) but I was so pleased to see it!


You will remember I reviewed her book on my blog a little while ago ( and had a go at some machine embroidery earlier on in the year (

Since then I’ve really wanted to try my hand at some machine embroidery, my mum even bought me a new sewing  machine for my birthday but I still haven’t managed to get around to it. (Is it just me or are there REALLY not enough hours in the day/week/month/year….?). However, after visiting Poppy’s beautiful shop I am back in inspired mode again AND have a project in mind.

I picked up this cute little kit for £18 – not bad I think. It comes complete with instructions, lots of fabric, two different sized embroidery hoops and four contrasting coloured Gutterman cottons.

PT collage

I’ve decided to try to make a fabric collage, type picture of our new house, using this kit. I think the colours will work really well, and I have some brighter floral/Liberty print cottons to lighten it up a bit. Watch this space, but I’m hoping it will look a little bit like this…



3 thoughts on “Discovering the world of Poppy Treffry

  1. Hi verity
    If you want to machine embroider, once we’ve moved come over and I’ll give you a hand. I loved using Poppy’s images as a starting point for a school project. Machine embroidery is a fabulous way to relax and have great fun. Xx

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