Mini make-up bags

I have been stashing fabric with the express intention of making some mini bags for ages now. But you know what it’s like, there’s never a quiet point in the weekend to take myself away and spend a couple of hours concentrating on a new project. Finally , this weekend, I had a spare few hours so took myself up to my new craft room to tackle a mini make-up bag project.

As usual, this was something I’d found on Pinterest and had pinned for a rainy day.


I love these boxy, style make-up bags with their sharp little corners and contrasting fabrics. The possibilities are endless. From my stash I had a navy Navajo print and some lightweight cotton denim, plus a bright blue 8 inch zip. The tutorial on the blog ‘Say Yes To Hoboken’ was really easy to follow, great pictures and simple instructions. (

First off, was cutting and sandwiching together my fabric. How many times did I have to do this?! Thank goodness for my seam ripper! I just can’t seem to work out which way the fabric needs to be placed down to be sewn together and then flipped over to the right side… it’s like the Krypton Factor! (dodgy 80’s cultural reference… )

navajo bag

Once that bit was out of the way – it was plain sailing. I’ve made a little pouch before, using a cross stitch picture sandwiched with denim again but that was a simple rectangle sewn together with a zipper. (you can have a read of my post on it here – This one required sewing all four corners into points and then snipping off the ends. Surprisingly easy and satisfying.


After snipping off all the ends and excess fabric, I turned it in the right way and had a pretty cute little make up bag.


Not too bad for a first attempt. A few things to work on… I have to admit I wasn’t really great at measuring my corners. They aren’t very deep and therefore don’t sit up proud like the original picture. I think the fabric I used was probably too light as well, it needs something a little stiffer to hold the shape.

One of the stages of construction involved flattening out the tube of fabric, with the zip in the middle and sewing the sides. I didn’t pay too much attention to the symmetry of the bag at this point;


You can see the bottom of the bag narrows towards the bottom of the picture… oops!  In addition, what you can’t see from the picture is the sticky zip. I sewed too close to the zipper so it’s quite snug against the fabric. BUT aside from the issues, I loved this project. So much so, I whipped up another two bags, one without the top corners, just a boxy bottom.



Hope these don’t end up on Craft Fail! I know they’re not perfect but I love them!


3 thoughts on “Mini make-up bags

  1. Very nice Verity! Funnily enough I was going to buy the same ‘stamp fabric’ to make a memo board for the kitchen. My brand new sewing machine is still sitting in its box from last Christmas, Im ashamed to say it hasn’t seen the light of day yet…. totally understand re finding the time. xx

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