The one where life gets in the way of blogging

First world problem alert… my life gets in the way of blogging. Poor me! I saw a post by fellow blogger Mancunian Vintage (, who said she’d been neglecting her blog and thought, me too!

My day job is pretty full on at the best of times, with a two hour commute each day, but last week was just plain crazy.

This combined with the general ‘to do’ list of a homeowner, wife and mum of a 5 year old means blogging – and making for that matter – gets left by the wayside.

Well it felt like I’d had no time for making, until I had a quick flick through my iPhone. Then I could see why I’ve had no time to blog…

I have been plugging away at my Erika Knight cardi and have made it to the sleeves…only another 40cm or so to go before I start decreasing…


I’ve been baking apple crumbles and cottage pies…


I’ve snatched an hour here and there to perfect my boxy make up bags, corners and zips…


I’ve carved a few pumpkins…


I’ve been sorting out my craft room…


I’ve been chocolate decorating at a team building day…



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