Christmas crafting panic

I’m sat in my kitchen, typing and listening to an easy listening radio station playing Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds; ‘Don’t worry, ‘bout a thing…’. Chance would be a fine thing!

Christmas is on the horizon and I am still frantically knitting, stitching and sewing last minute Christmas gifts for friends and family. The only downside of going public, via a blog, with your craft obsession is that everyone expects big things for Christmas. Never one to disappoint – or give myself an easy time! –  I have decided to make something for all the females in my family and circle of friends this year.

I toyed with the idea of knitting something but given my incredibly slow knitting pace, decided against. I am still working on an Erika Knight cardigan which has been on the needles for well over a month. I’m not sure if it’s me being a slow knitter or simply the infrequency with which I pick up my project and dedicate any real time to it. Working full time, blogging and being a wife and mother doesn’t leave me that much time to craft.

So, I’ve decided on crochet and sewing as my go to crafts for Christmas makes. No further details I’m afraid, as my lovely family and friends all read my blog so you’ll have to wait until after Christmas to see what I’m making.

Of course, I’ve a million and one other things currently on the go, including  whipping up some simple, lined pencil pleat curtains for my kitchen/diner. I wonder if I can get that Bob Marley song on repeat until I’m finished?



5 thoughts on “Christmas crafting panic

  1. The first Christmas after I learnt to knit I knitted something for everyone, and spent all of January with my arm in a splint suffering from repetitive strain injury! I completely agree, knitting takes too long, crochet and sewing is the way to go. All of my female family members are getting a tote bag with small goodies in it 🙂

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