The Weekly Glint – Velvet

Velvet, for me, is always glamorous. I was never one of those students who wore a velvet jacket (and dm’s !) at college. Plenty were, but for me it never felt quite right.

Velvet reminds me of fairy tales, wizards, witches and princesses. It has an ethereal quality, particularly  in deep, rich reds, greens and purples. But my favourite velvets come in softer, vintage colours – mint greens, rose pink and delicate grey. I love the way the fabric looks almost dusty and old.

It isn’t a fabric I’ve worked with yet but I always have some velvet ribbon hidden away in my stash, just in case I need to add a finishing touch of glamour to my make. Here’s my round up of some beautiful velvets from around the internet. I want those shoes!


Picture credits:, Etsy,, Biskopgarden, Olsenjenssen, Blauvont.


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