Christmas Crafty Round Up

It’s probably a bit too late now to start crafting a Christmas present on the 23rd December but there’s always room for some added extras.

So on a wet and windy day like today, why not snuggle up on the sofa, crack open the Christmas chocolates and have a go at these quick crafts to decorate presents, your table or even you!

There’s a lovely post here on how to make some beautiful paper pom poms. Perfect for decorating the house or even presents.

paper pom poms


Felt is quick and easy to use, requiring minimal sewing, so how about creating a felt garland like this one from

felt garland

Kid’s crafts are great at Christmas. My daughter has a cupboard overflowing with crafty bits and bobs which come in very handy at this time of year. How about making some colourful candy canes using beads and pipe cleaners? I prefer the traditional colour scheme of red and white but you could let the kids loose and do a mulit coloured version.

candy cane

If all else fails, some white paper and a pair of scissors can create wonders.  Martha Stewart has some templates to follow here

paper snowflakes


And finally, something I will be trying today – with Christmas films on the TV and the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background, are crochet stars. I’ve been meaning to create a crochet garland for my new fireplace for the past couple of months, so maybe I’ll make a start today on next year’s creation! There are some great tutorials over on Pinterest (of course) and all of the old favourites have posted their version including Lucy over at Attic 24



Happy Christmas! See you in 2o14 for crafty new year’s resolutions. x



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