Giant Bedroom Blanket Project

I’ve decided to start a bit of a mammoth project to begin my craft journey into 2014.

It’s inspired by some beautiful crochet blankets I’ve seen on Pinterest and  a giant granny patchwork blanket on blogger Cherry Heart’s page which I’ve always admired. The aptly named Giant Grannie Patches Blanket – you can see it in all its glory here All 672 squares!

I want a colourful, home made blanket for my bedroom, to match my new Orla Kiely wallpaper, the base for our new bedroom decor. My vision for the room is bright and bold with a play on textures…


I don’t want the room to look ‘matchy’ so have decided to try and gather soft furnishings overtime. I already have white bedlinen so along with the blanket, am looking at new curtains – grey velvet maybe – and will make some cushion covers when I find the right, complimentary fabric. The paper is  really bright and bold so rather than trying to match a bought blanket or throw I thought I’d make one myself.

The wool I’ve chosen is Stylecraft DK in colours to compliment the wallpaper – copper, apricot, lipstick, aster, grey and bright green from Wool Warehouse The granny square is a really simple, three round granny. I wanted something super easy which I can pick up whilst watching TV or whip up quickly.


The colours look a little dull here (the iPhone 4S doesn’t have the best camera). The apricot is looking too bright and the green is too dull but believe me, it looks good so far. I’m trying to forget about the joining together and sewing in all the ends.

So 16 days into 2014 and I’ve got 67 squares done so far. By my calculations I need close to the 672 squares created by Cherry Heart, plus at least 10 rounds of a boarder so I’m aiming to be finished in around four to five months.

Watch this space!


5 thoughts on “Giant Bedroom Blanket Project

  1. Hey,

    I am just learning to crochet and wish to do the same as you – think the blanket idea is so lovely. Do you have a pattern for the granny squares please? Would be amazing to see where you get your pattern from. Looking forward to seeing the end result xx

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