Little Thing Magazine review

Regular readers of my blog will know I am a magazine addict. I love technology but the Kindle or iPad will never replace the lure of a magazine for me. I love the excitement of a new magazine – fashion, craft – doesn’t really matter. I love them! I’m really lucky that in my job as a PR I am able to read all sorts of magazines.

As part of my new job, I am working with publications in Asia. As well as all the usual suspects – Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire – I’m discovering some cute new magazines. Of course I can’t read them but that makes the pages seem even more interesting to me.

I travelled to Beijing just before Christmas. It was my first time in China so in addition to seeing the sights and trying lots of new things, I was quick to hunt out a book shop near my hotel to see what magazines I could find.  I found this wonderful magazine called Little Thing.



It’s primarily a style magazine and chooses a different theme each month. In December it was Grandma Style, embracing all things knit, stitch and sew. Perfect for me! The Chinese interpretation of Grandma Style made me smile, there were lots of cute British touches and Victoriana throughout the magazine.

Every issue has the most amazing pop up first page…



The styling and page layout is really cute and crazy.

quirky style


I wish I could read Chinese to understand the articles but the layouts look great with patchwork and polka dot boarders and the odd English word scattered here and there.

page layouts


The magazine is quirky, highly stylised and a real mish mash of things. I love it!





2 thoughts on “Little Thing Magazine review

  1. The magazine looks fabulous with those adorable photos of the knitters and their crazy outfits and the pop-up page! Can you buy it in the UK? There used to be a magazine shop in the centre of London that was bursting at the seams with all manner of strange, unusal and foreign magazines, I have a feeling that it was close to Goodge Street but I suspect like many places in town it is no longer there.

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