Giant Bedroom Blanket Update

Something called ‘work’ has hampered my progress somewhat on the Giant Bedroom Blanket this week… However, I thought you’d like to see my progress. I now have a pile of little crochet squares, which until recently were all piled in pleasing, neat, colour coordinated towers. Like cute, mini leaning towers of Pisa. That is until my daughter and cat thought they looked quite fun.


Anyway, the decimation of the towers, gave me a good excuse to make a thorough audit of my squares. To date I have made;

  • 3 x duck egg blue
  • 9 x lettuce green
  • 16 x cloud grey
  • 30 x lipstick red
  • 33 x burnt orange
  • 24 x pretty peach

If you remember my original blanket post I’ve estimated I need around 600 squares – so I’m about a sixth of the way there!




3 thoughts on “Giant Bedroom Blanket Update

  1. the squares are looking good! the blanket is gonna be lovely,
    keep updating, i love looking at how the blankets are born and grow
    still dont dare to start my own so im peeking at others’

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