Friendship Bracelets

My little Miss turned six a week ago. SIX! Where has the time gone? It feels a little bit like a milestone birthday, not quite sure why, but the thought of having been a mummy for six years seems like quite an achievement !

Lots of things have changed as my baby has grown into a little girl, with clear ideas and  opinions, likes and dislikes. One of the most notable things this year were the presents she received from her friends. All but one was a crafty present  (and that one was a One Direction cushion which is now much loved!). Perfect for my little Miss who loves nothing better than sitting up to the dining table to make, do, create, paint or craft. Just like her mummy really.

At the weekend, we decided to open the first of the crafty presents and have a go at making friendship bracelets. I was particularly looking forward to this one, having fond memories of spending long summer holidays and rainy weekends, raiding my mum’s wool stash to make endless bracelets for friends and sisters. How hard could it be?

friendship 4


It was all so different! The kit came with embroidery thread, beads and a clever little weaving wheel. And some very very long winded instructions. Little Miss ran off, bored, after it took me nearly half  an hour to read and re read the instructions to try and work out how to use the wheel. I would not be beaten!

Well, eventually we worked it out and managed to do a pretty cool little bracelet. Missy did a bit of the weaving but I think it’s too slow for her, is it just  me or do kids these days want instant gratification and reward? (I sound old I know).

friendhip b 2

The end result is a really cool little bracelet, the wheel gives a tightly woven effect and the embroidery thread means its less scratchy to wear then I remember. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!


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