Pinterest Love In

Hi, my name is Verity and I’m a pinaholic!

I am a big fan of Pinterest. I’ve wasted spent many a happy hour trawling through beautiful, inspiring and amazing images on Pinterest. It’s my go to resource for my Weekly Glint posts and I rarely get through the day without a quick flick through my home page to gather some colourful inspiration, especially on these grey, wet winter days we’re having in the South West at the moment.

I pin lots of craft (of course) and have found some great new bloggers to follow via Pinterest. But I also love the garden, cookery and fashion/beauty pins you can find. It’s like a grown up scrapbook but without the messy scissors and glue.

So imagine my surprise when an e-mail popped into my inbox last week inviting me to a PINTEREST BLOGGER EVENT!! Yippee! Pinterest have noticed me! Sadly the event is in London, in the evening, mid week so there’s no way I’d be able to get up in time to take part but who cares? I got an invite. Thanks so much Pinterest, you made my week!


By the way, my husband and I have a mini competition going at the moment to see who can get the most followers so do me a favour and hop over to my page quick!


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