The ‘Sew’ in my Knit Stitch Sew title is sorely neglected. I have to confess, although I’d love to be able to whip up a creation on my sewing machine, sewing is a craft I find quite tricky to master.

There are a few barriers, I think, to me mastering this craft and actually enjoying it in the way I do knitting, crochet and stitching.

  1. Precise measuring. Not my strong suit. I’m not great at following a pattern or recipe for that matter.  I’m more of a cut it out and see what happens, kind of a girl
  2. Patience. I want to see results. Immediately!
  3. Time. The same as most working mothers, I tend to snatch my crafty moments where ever and when ever I can – in front of the TV of an evening or even travelling to a meeting by train

Never the less, I am still drawn to sewing. I long to be able to sew myself some clothes and have decided I will definitely book myself onto a dressmaking course this year to learn the basics.

In the meantime, I have purchased this little beauty;


It promises ‘simple’ sewing so I’m forging ahead and am going to try to make ALL of the patterns in the book. Any top tips for a very amateur but enthusiastic sew-er gratefully received.


3 thoughts on “Sewing

  1. Whether you ever stitch anything out of it or not, the cover itself is divine!
    And such a book has Provenance par excellance lol

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