First project from the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing

Firstly apologies – there will be an air of mystery to this post as I am sharing my attempts at one of the patterns in the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing BUT it’s a Mother’s Day present so I need to keep it secret! No guessing please! I will reveal all post Mothers Day, hopefully with a really lovely looking gift.

photo 1

Ooh look a ruler, I am actually MEASURING… on account of forgetting to enlarge my templates so I decided to freehand them instead.

photo 2

Cutting my fabric. This is the fabric I received from the Hillarys blind’s craft competition. It’s a really lovely bright pattern in a nice heavy cotton calico. Perfect for beginners like me. Easy to cut and easy to stitch.

photo 3

A bit of decorative stitching around the mystery shape. This was really hard! I am using a zig zag stitch to try and follow the shape around. It looks absolutely fine, as long as you don’t look too closely

Next step for me is to fit all the pattern pieces together and line. Hopefully I have measured correctly and it will all fit together. We’ll see!


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