Quick peg bag make over

There’s nothing nicer, I think , than the sight of washing blowing dry in the wind in the Spring. And clothes smell so much nicer when they’ve been dried outside – don’t you think?

All those months of drying clothes indoors are put behind us ( I don’t have a tumble drier, never felt the need) and I long to hang my washing out on the line in my garden – a true sign that Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.

So imagine my dismay, when this weekend – the first sunny weekend of 2014 – I reached for my old and much used Cath Kidston peg bag to find it VERY faded, slightly mouldy (!) and basically having seen much better days. Inspired by all of the sewing books I’ve been reading lately, I decided, to run a new one up on my sewing machine.

Using this beautiful 100% cotton fabric from Remnant Kings called Compton Spot in Apple (you can purchase it here http://www.remnantkings.co.uk/) I drew a template from my old peg bag.

peg bag

To make sure I left the correct amount of fabric for the seam allowance, I used this neat trick I found on another sewing blog http://www.coletterie.com/ – securing two pencils together with sticky tape, to trace the pattern and then another line to draw the seam allowance.

It was a pretty simple project. After cutting the two main pieces, chopping one side in half (making sure there was enough extra fabric to account for a double seam allowance top and bottom) to create the pocket, I headed to the sewing machine to seam and stitch together.

The trickiest part, well for me anyway, was making sure I achieved a neat curve on the shoulders of the bag. Once the corners were snipped and the bag turned right side out and pressed, it was ready to go. I re-used the small wooden coat hanger from my Cath Kidston bag – but I guess you could use a child’s coat hanger to do the same job.

And here it is. A great sense of achievement for about 45 minutes work, and another sewing project to add to my repertoire.

Peg Bag Collage


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