Bedroom Blanket Update

Quick update on the Big Bedroom Blanket.

Number of squares crocheted to date: 190 (13 blue, 40 green, 16 grey, 58 red, 33 copper, 30 peach)

Squares left to crochet: 110

Balls of wool used: 7

Months spent: 3

I’m getting there! Need to up the blues and greys and am now thinking about boarders. I think Granny Square edges have an unfinished quality to them so am now pondering what boarders to give my lovely blanket once I’ve sewn all those little squares together. Pinterest has some lovely crochet blankets for inspiration!

I’m quite keen to finish with a bobble or popcorn stitch but am also quite taken with a little shell or clam stitch. I will definitely do a couple of rounds of a basic double crochet boarder to begin.

What do you think?

crochet edge



4 thoughts on “Bedroom Blanket Update

  1. Have just popped over to see your blog after reading about it in Prima. Your crochet is just lovely! I love your colour and stitch combinations. I’ve added you to my favourites straight away. I hope you are having a happy Easter weekend. Best wishes Penny L in Dorset

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