Stig of the Dump

Going to the local dump isn’t usually one of my weekend past-times but it may well be from now on, after I had an absolutely brilliant find at our local tip.

Throwing away garden rubbish, I spotted this case being dumped by a young couple.  We got chatting and next thing I know, it’s in my car…

IMG_0881Have you guessed what’s inside?


IMG_0883 IMG_0885 IMG_0887

Wow! It’s so beautiful. I really don’t need another sewing machine, but I couldn’t bear to see it thrown in the tip with all the old washing machines, and microwaves.


I love it! It’s currently sitting in my garage on it’s stay of execution whilst I decide what to do with it.



5 thoughts on “Stig of the Dump

  1. We had one similar to that on our fund raising stall once and couldnt get a decent price for it which was such a shame. It even had its original box cover which was rounded worn wood. But its colourful design intrigued me so I researched and found those egyptian designs came out in celebration of the Tutankamun find after 1922.
    Obviously Singer cashed in to the great furore after the Kings tomb had been found.
    Lovely to think youve homed this old gal and you may well find she runs like a dream, they were work horses!

  2. Wow, I am soo jealous but you know what they say, good things happen to good people! Can’t wait to see some stitching when you’ve got some new needles x

  3. I have 6 old sewing machines on some corner shelves – they are just rather large ‘ornaments’ – I love looking at them but I think visitors think it is a tad strange!

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