I’m in Prima!

I’m chuffed to bits with this little nib in Prima magazine, this month. I’m in a feature all about the ‘Secrets of women who are always smiling’! I’d almost forgotten all about this, a journalist friend of mine rang me up back in January (did you know glossy magazines like Prima work at least four months in advance?) to ask if i’d have a chat to her about what makes me happy.

She said she had to think about women she knew who were always smiling and she thought of me! Now if that’s not a great compliment to have I don’t know what is.

The number 1 tip to be a smiley person is have a feelgood hobby – like crafting. There’s a great quote in here from Concordia University in Montreal who have found that hobbies have the power to help fight off depression. Other top tips include have healthy rows , snuggle up and find your happy weight (i’m still working on that last one!).

photo 5

By the way, Prima is a great little magazine for crafters – it’s not on my magazine reading list but at only £2.99 there’s some really nice patterns and ideas in here.


4 thoughts on “I’m in Prima!

  1. congratulation on your publication! how nice to featured in a popular magazine
    i tend to buy prima makes (is it the same brand?) esp around the xmas time as they feature lots on Scandi stuff there. i think there’s been some crafty prima mag on the market now, with various craft projects – i sure i have one in my magazine files

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