Seasonal Stitching

I don’t know about you but I tend to choose my craft by the season. Cold and rainy – knitting and wool. Warm and sunny – stitching and sewing.

So with the warmer weather out comes an old cross stitch project that I started about a year ago, a cute Tunnocks Teacake picture by designer Gillian Kyle, from an old issue of Cross Stitcher Magazine. I always knew this would be a long haul project  – what with the it being my first project on evenweave and the multiple shades of red but this has taken a long time even for me!

Here’s the pattern;

photo 4

And here’s my work to date;

photo 2

I’m really enjoying picking this up again, even if getting back into the swing of stitching on evenweave is really tricky. It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon project, definitely not one for doing in front of the TV or in the evening light.

I love the portability of a stitch project too, apart from your work you need very little to craft on the move;

photo 3 (1)I’ll post my progress but I am determined to finish this soon and have the perfect spot for it, all empty and ready on my kitchen wall.

photo 5



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