Love Your Yarn Shop Day

Today, 3rd May 2014,  is Love Your Yarn Shop day. A day to get out there support your local wool shop and indulge in all things woolly for 24 hours. Brilliant!



This got me thinking about my local yarn shops. I’m quite lucky that we have a really good variety of shops in the area and all are great for different things.

Here in Portishead, near Bristol, I love my little local high street DIY store – Careys – who stock Stylecraft and other cheap wool mix yarns, alongside spare sink plugs, bin bags and light bulbs.


We also have a little post office/wool shop called Wickety Woo within walking distance of  my house – nice for a browse. They stock Rowan and other beautiful brands but it’s soooo expensive! Good to treat yourself to a beautiful ball of yarn and then wonder for weeks what to do with it…


A bit further afield in Clevedon, there’s a huge independent craft shop called The Spinning Weal. This has been in the area for years, by all accounts, and they have a really large selection of wool, tools, equipment, books – again great for browsing.


Even further away in Bristol is a cool little independent called Beshley’s Wool Shop. This is the new style wool shop, owned and run by a young woman (this sounds weird but you know what I mean! Girl sounded worse!) the shop is bright and light, stocks only British wool and is reasonably priced. It’s a great place to go to find new brands, colours and browse Beshley’s range of vintage haberdashery items.


So all this has got me thinking about my ideal wool shop.

In my daydreams, instead of travelling an hour to work each day and attending meetings all day long, I would own a little wool shop. It would be small but perfectly formed (of course) and sell wool, fabric and haberdashery items like the old fashioned sewing shops.

There would be a large table in the middle of the shop for classes and workshops, the walls would be filled floor to ceiling with balls of wool, there would be a dresser with vintage haberdashery items and books, maybe even a book corner with some comfy chairs?

One day maybe….

To find out more about Love Your Yarn Shop Day and find an independent wool shop near you, have a look at this website for more information


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