Do I or Don’t I?

I recently did a quick makeover on my family bathroom whilst Missy was with her Aunty for the weekend.

The dull grey bathroom we inherited when we moved into the house last May was destined to be a beautiful old English, seaside blue with nautical touches – striped towels, Cornwall prints and maybe even a bit of foliage.


We still need to get a new floor and bath panel but in the meantime I’m left with an undressed window which is crying out for a beautiful blind. Which leaves me with a dilemma – do I make another Roman blind?

After the big kitchen blind trauma, I’m in two minds as to whether I should try and do this again. On the positive side, the window is smaller, I now have experience (!) and have a few mistakes to learn from. Negatives – I’m still not that pleased with the way the kitchen blind turned out. It’s not 100% straight or neat (which for a neat freak like me is a nightmare!) and I can’t work out how to keep all the cords together, they look messy – again.

BUT I do have some really lovely cotton duck fabric which I bought from a craft fair which is crying out to be turned into something useful and beautiful.

photo 1 (2)

It would be perfect for my bathroom. Whilst I ponder my craft dilemma I’ve made a list of things to do this time round to make a better blind.

1. Check, double check, triple check measurements to ensure the fabric piece is square

2. Create dowel rod pockets on the lining instead of using Roman blind tape (bought from my local haberdasher)

3. And do this bit before sewing both pieces of fabric together

Any advice for a novice Roman blind maker?



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