Summer bedroom makeover

My little girl, no longer quite so little at 6 and a half (very important, that half), has decided that pink is no longer cool and absolutely, definitely not the colour for a grown up girl’s bedroom. So, over the summer holidays we embarked on a bedroom makeover project, working together to agree the colours and elements that were important to her to include in this new and improved room. 

To be fair to her, we hadn’t changed her curtains, wardrobe or colour scheme since she was a baby so it really was due a change. Back in 2008, when she was born, I’d favoured a vintage, pink and white gingham colour scheme which has worked really well for the last 6 years. 

Using Pinterst as our starting point we agreed on our inspiration for the room;

bedroom inspo

We liked the tiffany blue colour as an accent, with a little ‘funky’ pink (daughter’s explanation of an acceptable pink colour). The mixture of patterns in the fabrics on the bed and also the frames on one wall.

We up cycled a wardrobe which we were due to get rid of and also scoured the local sales sites for a desk and char – very important in a grown up girls bedroom. After searching high and low for just the right blue, we ended up colour matching a Monsoon Kids cardboard label (!) using B&Q’s paint colour match service. 

We re-used an Ikea canopy which was in the old room, and also re-used some white Ikea picture frames, filled with pictures of our favourite pictures of dogs (in lieu of the real thing for now!) buying pretty greeting cards when we saw them, over the holiday period. 

And here’s the finished result. A productive way to spend a couple of days and we now have one very happy, grown up little girl! 



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