The National Trust recruits a ninja-knitter army

Killerton National Trust estate near Exeter, Devon has gone global in recruiting an army of guerrilla knitters for an ambitious yarn-bombing operation ahead of their cider and apple festival in October.

The estate is targeting a 12ft high ‘retired’ apple tree that stands at the entrance of Killerton’s orchard.

Retired apple tree

Charlotte Eddington, Assistant Costume Creator said “Sadly, this apple tree no longer bears fruit but our yarn-bomb will burst it back to life for the festival using ammunition of wool and natural fibres. The idea is inspired by Killerton’s 2014 costume exhibition ‘The nature of fashion’, which explores textiles and garments made from raw materials”.

Killerton’s festival organiser, Helen Trebble said: “We have had a fantastic response so far – including Brownies, groups and knitters from the States who have cottoned on to our yarn-bomb and are shipping pieces over”.

The Killerton yarn-bomb has also attracted the attention of Exeter-based yarn-bombing expert, Lisa Tricoteuse of The Knitting Tent. Lisa’s yarn-bombs have been found all over the country from cities to seasides and she’s delighted to be joining forces with Killerton.

Lisa said: “A good yarn-bomb causes a reaction – be that interaction with the community or raising a smile from the public. Most of all we want to provoke people to stop, take notice, and look at this apple tree in a new way.”

Charlotte added: “We need leaves of all sizes to cover the entire tree and offer free knitting patterns for woolly wildlife. You don’t have to be a knitter to join up. We are also harnessing the power of the pompom to create a towering piece of textile art and urge volunteers of all ages to get in touch”.

Knits and pompoms are sought ahead of the event by 10 October. The apple tree yarn-bomb will be on display throughout Killerton’s cider and apple festival on 18 and 19 October. Contact Charlotte Eddington on 01392 881345 or

I’ll be joining in and adding my little contribution to the yarn bombed apple tree. My in-laws live just down the road so hopefully we’ll be able to go and try to find our creations on the tree.


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