How PR’s rate bloggers

PR’s rate bloggers.

If you want to get onto PR media lists and be invited to press events, be asked to review products or even – the holy bloggy grail – be asked to be a blogger consultant to a brand, there are a few things you need to know about how PR’s rate bloggers.

  1. All PR’s will have their own bespoke rating system. The bad good thing about PR is that there is, as yet, no standardised measurement system for blogs. There is of course, the common sense approach of engagement, tone, relevance to your brand but the good news about no standardised system means that even the smallest of bloggers stands a chance to be noticed. It’s not all about the numbers
  2. Saying that, any PR worth their salt will be looking at – page visits per month and your  Google page rank
  3. Engagement is almost more important than the numbers. Do you have a good presence on social media? If you only have a few followers on your blog BUT you tweet, Facebook, Link’ed in etc to a couple of thousand, a PR will want to hear from you. That’s a valuable and influential little community you have, right there.
  4. Review the number and type of comments you have. Again, a PR will want to see relevant comments from influential (in your arena) bloggers and companies. Don’t just approve spam comments to boost your figures, you will be found out and this will have an effect on your credibility!
  5. They want to check your relevance. If you have a particular crafty or lifestyle niche, make sure you emphasis this on your blog. Share your expertise, understanding, knowledge and general love for your subject area. This goes a long way for a PR
  6. Are you a nice-ish person? No brand wants to have their product reviewed by someone who swears, smokes, gets into Twitter spats or generally likes to live life on the edge. Unless they are Miley Cyrus’ PR. If you do have a tendency to post pics of hard partying or sweary cultural commentary, consider setting up a separate social media feed for your blog

Finally, don’t be afraid to approach a PR and ask to be added to a media list. Make sure your blog is looking great and just pick up the phone. (I can feel another post coming on…)

If there’s anything you’ like to know about PR or social content, please drop me a line in the comments below and I’ll write a post about it.


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