Update – My Big Bedroom Blanket

This blanket inspired by Sandra over at Cherry Heart http://sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/giant-granny-patches.html is taking me FOR EVER!!

I’ve not been as disciplined to crochet a square everyday and now, 6 months into the project I am half way there. A month ago I decided to give myself a boost by stitching the squares together, it was a bit dull crocheting more and more squares and not being able to see how well the colours worked together.

Seeing all of the little squares sitting next to each other looks great and has spurred me on to complete the other half. I’m desperate to get onto the boarders!

I’m using Stylecraft DK in a colour combination inspired by Orla Kiely’s multi stem wallpaper.

What do you think? Just those pesky ends to tie in/cut off….




Bedroom Blanket Update

Quick update on the Big Bedroom Blanket.

Number of squares crocheted to date: 190 (13 blue, 40 green, 16 grey, 58 red, 33 copper, 30 peach)

Squares left to crochet: 110

Balls of wool used: 7

Months spent: 3

I’m getting there! Need to up the blues and greys and am now thinking about boarders. I think Granny Square edges have an unfinished quality to them so am now pondering what boarders to give my lovely blanket once I’ve sewn all those little squares together. Pinterest has some lovely crochet blankets for inspiration!

I’m quite keen to finish with a bobble or popcorn stitch but am also quite taken with a little shell or clam stitch. I will definitely do a couple of rounds of a basic double crochet boarder to begin.

What do you think?

crochet edge



Apologies, I have neglected my blog for a while…I’ve been a bit busy!


Still knitting a cardigan for Ava and started and a new giant granny square blanket for my new bedroom…


Crocheting some bunting for Missy’s new bedroom and shopping for nick nacks at the local car boot sale…


Collecting treasures on the beaches in North Devon, as we went for a lovely long weekend with friends. And packing. We STILL haven’t moved but hoping to get our completion date through next week.

Finished! Retro Rainbow Granny Square Blanket

It’s finished! My first ever crochet project. The brief from my sister was a bright, retro inspired granny square blanket for a baby girl. After some searching around for inspiration we came across these blankets on Etsy.


Here’s the finished result. The blanket comprises of 30 squares and with the boarder measures 83 x 93cm. I used a great boarder tutorial from Sandra Cherry over at her blog http://sandra-cherryheart.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/grannie-patches-border-tutorial.html and modified it slightly.

Just the right size to throw over your knees on the sofa or perfect for a baby to roll around on!


Crochet and I are now friends…

It’s taken four-ish months, one workshop, umpteen You Tube videos, lots of practice and some ripping out and starting again but I finally feel like crochet and I are friends. In fact (whisper) I think I like it more than knitting. I love the intricacies and delicate details you can create with a crochet hook and some yarn. It’s a great stash buster too.

Have a look at my journey from never-held-a-hook before beginner to now-I-kind-of-know-what-I’m-doing amateur…


The pink and green messy squashed square was my first ever attempt at a granny, back in November,  followed by the little orange and green number below. The multi-coloured granny on the left is my current project. It’s great to be able to see an improvement. I’ve made 21 of these crochet squares so far…only another 9 to go to craft my first ever crochet granny square blanket.

Baby Blanket 2.0

Just a quick post to show you my latest commissioned work – a baby blanket for an old school friend. She saw the last blue and white nautical number I created and ordered exactly the same! I’m really pleased with the finished blanket and looking forward to seeing it in use with yet another newborn.



Wedding shrugs and a baby blanket – the official photos!

It’s so nice to see my work ‘in use’. Apart from making a few baby blankets for friends and family, i’ve never really made anything that’s been used by anyone else! So how nice to see the wedding shrugs I made in use at my friend Becky’s (or Rebecca as she is now she’s all grown up and married) beautiful winter wedding. They look beautiful! So pleased!

becky wedding

And here’s the baby blanket I rustled up just before Christmas for another friend, Amy, who safetly delivered baby Charles Daniel in early January. He looks lovely and sunggly…

Chalie baby blanket

Nearly finished! Mitred square baby blanket

I’m so pleased with how this is going! I started out knitting a few mitred squares a year or so ago, just to give it a go and see how the pattern worked. A year down the line and it’s been addictive! I’ve picked this project up and put it down over the year, but with the imminent arrival of my new baby niece, I’ve picked this back up. The pattern is really easy but effective, its from Mason Dixon Knitting http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mason-Dixon-Knitting-Knitters-Questions/dp/0307236056/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1355766554&sr=8-2

blankets 002

Here’s my smaller version. I am now working on a quick border to help neaten up the edges and finish off.





The pattern, courtesy of the above book is as follows;

CO 72
ROW 1: Using colour A, K33, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 2: Purl and every alternate row Purl
Row 3: K32, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 5: K30, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 7: Using colour B, K29, [ssk] twice,k2tog, k to end
Row 9: K27, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 11: K26, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 13: Using colour A, K24, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 15: K23, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 17: K21, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 19: Using colour B, K20, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 21: K18, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 23: K17, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 25: Using colour A, K15, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 27: K14, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 29: K12, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 31: Using colour B, K11, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 33: K9, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 35: K8, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 37: Using colour A, K6, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 39: K5, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 41: K3, ssk, [k2tog] twice, k to end
Row 43: Using colour B, K2, [ssk] twice, k2tog, k to end
Row 45: ssk, [k2tog] twice
Row 47: Sl 1, k2tog, psso

On the needles…mitred squares

Found this great pattern in a book called Mason-Dixon Knitting, written by American knitting friends Kay Gardinier and Ann Shayne. Check out the book here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mason-Dixon-Knitting-Knitters-Questions/dp/0307236056/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1347870732&sr=1-1 and their website here http://www.masondixonknitting.com/.

These ladies really put the fun and interest into knitting for me and I love their use of bright bold colour and geometric shapes. Some of the blankets are truly inspiring, but sadly my attention span just won’t hold out for 80 squares!! Using two colours you can see the striped square taking shape before your eyes – they are so clever and very satisfying as the finished square it makes me feel like a very competent knitter simply by doing a few K2tog and SSK.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to have enough patience and stamina to knit a huge mitred square blanket but for know I’ll stick with the squares I’ve done, maybe adding a few more to make a mini blanket. A funky baby blanket maybe?  Here they are, unblocked and ready to be sewn together.

I love them in these berry colours, have also done a few in a lighter lilac with the dark purple which is lovely but not quite as nice. These squares would work really well knitted in bright primary colours for a childs bedroom or playroom. Once blocked and sewn up I will blog the finished result.