Craft around the world – Part 1 in an occasional series…

Firstly – some excuses. The summer sun has tempted me away from my blog. Oh and the first couple of weeks at a new job. And, we’ve been on a family holiday to Turkey, on the beautiful Aegean Sea. I decided to leave my little hexipuffs at home and have a couple of weeks away from craft….well of course that didn’t happen!

On our second day we took a stroll into the market town of Turgetries on the Bodrum Peninsula. Despite the searing heat, we decided it would be a good idea to have a look around the Saturday market, handily labelled ‘Fakes’ on our tourist map. Nestled in amongst the fake Gucci bags, Converse trainers and Hollister hoodies were amazing textiles, delicate crochet and locally made soft furnishings. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Little old ladies ( and some not quite so little or old) were crocheting with the teensiest, tiniest crochet hooks and threads, making some really beautiful, delicate work. Glasses holders, edging on hankies and headscarves, necklaces and more were on sale and being crafted whilst we watched.

turkey crochet

It looked incredibly tricky to work, the thread was no more than that – thread, as oppose to the old 4 ply or DK I’ve been crocheting with. I can’t imagine the hook was more than a number 1 either. I’ve been using a number 4 for all my projects. When I get home I’ll be digging out a tiny hook and using some embroidery floss to see how tricky this is.


One lady was beading a black dress, the kind of chiffon dress you throw on over your swimming costume to mooch over to the bar, her hands were so quick you could barely see the needle picking up the beads as she sewed. Of course I couldn’t leave the market without buying a little something, so purchased a couple of metres of fabric to make into little bags when I get home.


Just down the road, there was a beautiful food market. Quite touristy on the edge with spice and Turkish Delight traders but packed full of amazing looking fruit, veg and flowers.

food market

So, this is Part 1 in what I hope will be a little crafty tour around the world. With my new job, I’m going to be lucky enough to do some international travel to the Asia Pacific region –  I think I’m off to Singapore in November so will try to squeeze in a shopping day to track down anything crafty. I’ve seen lots on blogs and Pinterest recently about Japanese sewing books so this, combined with my holiday, has inspired me to see what I can find when I’m off on my travels.