Pom Pom – tastic

We LOVE pom poms here at KSS. My daughter and I have been obsessed with the Clover pom pom makers for weeks now. We have all sizes, plus the heart one (which, I confess, took me ages to get the knack of).

My husband keeps asking ‘what’s the point – what will you do with them?’ but I think he’s missing the point.

Pom pom making, for me, is the craft which really does demonstrate the making bit is more important than the finishing bit. They’re quick, simple, fun and the combinations are endless. We’ve made pom pom monsters, experimented with four different types of yarn in one pom pom, stuck them together to make animal creations – you name it we’ve done it!

Pom poms have been hitting the headlines recently with Kirstie Allsop’s           #worldpomination attempt and Mollie Makes getting behind the trend too with their pom pom giveaway.


I’d really like to find some use for my little balls of fluff – maybe something like this?


What do you do with yours?


Mollie Makes

I heart Mollie Makes magazine. Its my must buy magazine each month and sits neatly on my bedside table alongside Vogue, Grazia and Red. Admittedly to start with, there wasn’t much I felt I could make in Mollie. The patterns were quite complex or had no real function or remote practical use (felt animals or replica custard cream anyone?) BUT were cute to read about and I marvelled every month on the imagination and ingenuity of the contributors.

This has changed as the magazine has matured and, I assume, listened to what its readers want via Facebook and Twitter etc. Issue Twenty, out now, is one of the best to date in my humble opinion. The projects are practical, fun, doable and there’s enough of a balance between features with inspirational crafters, news items and product reviews.

Here’s what I’ll be making from Issue Twenty;

Home Sweet Home nail art – we’re in the process of decorating Missy’s bedroom so am tempted to do this in her room.

Emerald Headpieces – another glue gun job. This isn’t something I’d normally attempt but i’m tempted to try a new craft like this. I think the shooting star pattern would be lovely for an embroidery or cross stitch project too.

Cross Stitch Motto – this is soooo simple, I love the fancy lettering the maker has used. Rather stitch about creative clutter ( I don’t think I can really gift this to myself!) I’m thinking of doing some family names, or home related mottos for friends and family. The combo of grey fabric and red thread is great too, so my brain is now wiring with the right colour combo to go for.

Thanks Mollie Makes for making my life even busier!

You can follow Mollie Makes on Twitter https://twitter.com/@molliemakes , on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MollieMakes.

Today I have been mostly making…cushions

I’m a bit of a late comer to the world of homemade cushions. I have seen them being made on TV (Kirstie’s Homemade Home springs to mind) and have been told how to do it by friends and family but as yet I’ve not taken the plunge. My sewing machine and I are still getting to know each other, so I’m not massively confident – however straight lines aren’t a problem 😉

We’re decorating our spare room at the moment. After much hope that it was going to be a baby nursery, that dream hasn’t come true so after some encouragement from hubby we have created a grown up room for guests and also, a chill out, den type space. We’ve been quite bold and painted the small room dove grey and lined one wall with bright pink and silver flowery wallpaper (obviously that was my choice for the room, not his!). It’s very different to the rest of the house where I’ve tended to go for muted tones – cranberry and tan in the lounge, duck egg in our bedroom, pale pink in Missy Moo’s and old English green in the kitchen. All with the odd touch of Cath K here and there off course.

After picking Missy up from school today, we spent the afternoon shopping for accessories for the new room. Sticking with the soft grey theme we found a grey silk lampshade from Homebase (a bargain in the sale!) but were stuck for cushions. Whilst back at the house, hanging the grey curtains and hemming them I realised I had enough fabric to make matching cushions for the room. So – deep breath – here we go.

To prep I watched this GREAT video tutorial on You Tube by Molly Quest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4OLOuGmnCU. And it was so easy! I literally cut my fabric, pinned it in place and sewed two straight lines! Am soooo chuffed! Here’s a pic of the work in progress. All you have to do is cut your chosen fabric to size – two and a half times wider than the cushion,  leaving 1.5cm seam allowance top and bottom. Turn the fabric right side up pin the seams and sew.










Make sure you mitre the corners by snipping the corners off to ensure when you turn the cushion in the right way you have sharp corners.










Thanks to Mollie Makes Magazine for the vintage style pink rose buttons which added the final finishing touch to each cushion. I am amazed at how easy these were to make so family and friends – expect cushions for Christmas!!