Pom Pom – tastic

We LOVE pom poms here at KSS. My daughter and I have been obsessed with the Clover pom pom makers for weeks now. We have all sizes, plus the heart one (which, I confess, took me ages to get the knack of).

My husband keeps asking ‘what’s the point – what will you do with them?’ but I think he’s missing the point.

Pom pom making, for me, is the craft which really does demonstrate the making bit is more important than the finishing bit. They’re quick, simple, fun and the combinations are endless. We’ve made pom pom monsters, experimented with four different types of yarn in one pom pom, stuck them together to make animal creations – you name it we’ve done it!

Pom poms have been hitting the headlines recently with Kirstie Allsop’s           #worldpomination attempt and Mollie Makes getting behind the trend too with their pom pom giveaway.


I’d really like to find some use for my little balls of fluff – maybe something like this?


What do you do with yours?